KTM Railway Station…gone

23 07 2011

Before the closure of the old Tanjong Pagar railway station, I made a trip down to capture these pics before they are gone. I only took the train once from Singapore to Penang..it was a long 14hours journey..or maybe more than that!







MIA for long

18 05 2011

I have been MIA for quite awhile..been busy with work and studies! Life suddenly seem so overwhelmed. I hardly have time for my personal leisure. Time flies quickly though. It’s coming to mid year now. It’s really true when one is busy, time flies even faster!Exams for my Term one finally over and I thought I could take a break but too busy with work that I could hardly take a breather! And the new term gonna start next week! OMFG!!! I wish the term break is longer!

Too much things to pen down ..life is getting busier than before..guess is a good thing! Each day is a new challenge for me and “By perseverance the snail reached the ark” is true afterall!

Some of the pics taken over the past 2 months..not many though! Haha!Election fever over..life still goes on despite big political changes ..let’s hope for a better future! Had great time with bunch of good friends and hope I have more time for them and family.

(Taken at Torte’s grand opening party) Ahhhh..I look fugly weird and fat here but I’m so happy to be able to pose with my fav local famous movie producer, Roystan Tan 陈子谦. He’s Jason’s good buddy who came to his cafe opening.I got Kevin to ask him to pose with me. A friendly guy who is talented and a hunk too..hahaha..too bad Kumar didn’t come!!

Pls help to participate in this survey if you are married with kid

27 03 2011

Sign petition to stop culling the strays at Lor Halus

6 03 2011


Hope I get it

2 03 2011

I hope I get it this time…been thru a few but luck doesn’t seem to shine on me

I need all the luck..bless me plssss!!!

Missing Bro Ben

26 02 2011

It’s been 2mths + since Ben left us. The Mersing tragedy took him away from us. Friends and families are deeply devastated over the loss of a good brother , good son and good friend. I vividly remember the day when I received sms from Marcus that Ben had passed away..the fateful day which was Boxing Day.

Till today…I still miss him alot..especially whenever I pass by the places we been before. I miss the days when me and the gang went driving convoy around and spent the night together supper etc.

Pls cherish your loved ones..because life is short and unpredictable..

Death is definite but the time of death is indefinite

3k++ to adopt a pup forfeited by AVA????

26 02 2011

This is ridiculous..the smuggler was fined maximum $10,000 for smuggling a Golden Retriever puppy that he bought from a breeder in Malaysia.

AVA…you never fail to disappoint and irritate us again and again !