Rosie up for adoption

27 05 2012

Rosie is a 3yrs old female wired coat terrier cross local. She has unique goatee and very calm and good natured dog. She’s sterilized, microchipped and vaccinated. She’s in excellent health, good with children and makes an excellent family canine companion for both young and old. She loves going for walks, loves attention and very quiet. She is very affectionate as well and understand basic commands.Pls contact 92708612 if you wish to give Rosie a home.



Brownie looking for home

27 05 2012

been busy with work and studies..lots of things happening but not going into details…

Brownie is from a litter that my friend had been feeding. Total 8 pups were rescued and all have been adopted except Brownie who is now staying in shelter. Shelter is not an ideal place especially Brownie has been so used to freedom and roaming. He needs a loving home. He’s 4 mths old, microchipped and vaccinated. Pls contact 97876889 if you wish to adopt Brownie.

Brownie is very friendly, playful (like most puppies!), intelligent and loves human companion.