Guinness looking for home **Adopted**

12 11 2011

Name: Guinness
Breed: Singapore Special aka Mongrel aka local mutt
Gender: Female
Color: Black
Age: 7 months old
Size: Medium
Temperament: Very quiet, good natured and makes excellent canine companion, easily contented

Dear Friends,

Guinness led a very harsh life roaming the Singapore streets where the strays are the outcast in this developed city. Constantly on the lookout for culling by Animal control, living in fear and under bad weather, at times she had to run away from cruel humans who like to throw stones at her. Despite that, Guinness is still trusting to humans. She’s very lovable and love human companion.

She was then rescued but she started to fall very ill with diarrhea and tick fever. She has been hospitalized since last Saturday night when we rushed her to the vet. Her diarrhea is gone but her RBC is very low and in critical condition. We do not want to give up on her because she’s still eating well and always wagging her tail whenever we visit her.Sometimes she whine when we have to say goodbye to her. Blood transfusion is probably the next option in order to save her life.