JRT looking for home **adopted**

16 09 2011


He has been adopted by a kind couple and now he is named as Bondi..named after a beach in Sydney where there are alot hunks! LOL..Adopter’s husband is an Australian..no wonder!

This boy was found by a friend, M, at Marsiling Drive about 2 weeks ago. M brought him home but unfortunately, her two JRTs couldn’t get along with him. They had no choice and sent him to SPCA. They put up notices around her estate but nobody come forward to claim the dog. The next day, M went to SPCA to bail him out and board him at Petopia for a night. He was then fostered by another friend for a few days but unfortunately, the friend is not experienced with dogs and his mother was diagnosed with cancer thus unable to take care of him. The dog was then sent to vet for checkup. Vet gave him a clean bill of health. He was sterilized, vaccinated, done heartworm test and had heartworm prevention jab as well. M also arranged the vet to do teeth scaling for him. He’s estimated to be around 4yrs old.Playful, curious, good with human and friendly.

Do consider him if you are looking for lifetime companion. Contact 98308983. Urgently need someone to foster him temporary as M is unable to keep him for long.Pls help to share.Thank you.




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