Pet Sun chlorella

1 08 2009


Looks like a condom huh? Hahahaha…it’s sun chlorella pill for JoJo..and she loves it…she’s a pill popper! it’s never a hassle to feed her supplement pill and her monthly interceptor pill.She seems to love them…weirdo..

it’s sun chlorella for pet..available in most pet stores..this brand also have sun chlorella for humans.There are amazing articles about humans who have bowel cancer took this and this works like miracle that cure..some claimed that it helps combated  cancer through a combination of medication and sun chlorella.not clinically proven though in cancer cases ..people who attest that their acne problem improves alot after taking sun chlorella..

someone claimed chlorella saved his cat’s life.The cat has blood in her urine and the vet diagnosed her suffering from liver problem and only have months to live.Her fur started becoming rough & dull, losing weight rapidly.The cat was given chlorella daily and after six months, traces of blood in her urine disappeared.The cat also started gaining weight and till today she is still alive.Her fur also started to grow back and developed healthy sheen.

Nevertheless, chlorella has been tested in many clinical trial tests on humans and animals.The studies shown it has many benefits for improving health.

**Chlorella is Not suitable for people suffering from asthma.


Chorella’s benefits

  • Maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Removal of toxins stored in your body from the harmful effects of cigarettes, poor diet choices and environmental chemicals that can bog you down and trigger health challenges
  • A more restful night’s sleep
  • Better elimination and digestion (GI tract)
  • Improved skin tone, soft, thick hair and strong nails
  • stimulate new healthy cell growth for stronger, healthier muscles and tissues

    So what is chlorella?

    “whole food,” packed with essential vitamins, minerals, protein, beta-carotene, and chlorophyll. It is also rich in CGF, a unique nucleotide-peptide complex. each tiny tablet of Pet Sun Chlorella has been blended with eleuthero and lecithin, providing your pet with added support to maintain good health.

    Pet Sun Chlorella Ingredients
    Chlorella, lecithin, eleuthero, does not contain sugar, artificial flavorings, color or preservatives. Only human grade materials are used in this product. (HUMAN GRADE-I always emphasize on this!!! Only human grade supplement should be fed to our furkids!!!!!)

    This product contributes to improvement of pet problems such as poor appetite, obesity, skin and fur trouble for an important member of your family. It is easy to feed! Just mix it into the daily meal once or several times a day.

    This wafer type of Pet Sun Chlorella is also easy to take. It is helpful for the health maintenance of your pet because its main raw material is 100% natural and includes abundantly each ingredient from blessings of nature in a well-balanced manner

    So far I ordered from Doggyfriend.If you have cheaper source do share here!!!! 🙂







    One response

    12 03 2012
    Rana El Khatib

    I live in the UAE where veterinarians have noticed that many local cats (cats that appear to have decended from local breeds in the area) develop a gum disease (now called “Abu Dhabi Mouth”) and one of my two cats had it. Bella is barely four and could hardley chew. The entire left side of her mouth was toothless – extracted by my vet after I found an entire tooth by my bed one morning.

    I had resigned myself to her fate. She was going to soon be a toothless cat living on soft food; that was until I started taking Sun Chlorella tabs and had read about its benefits and decided to mix one tablet each into their respective bowls of food.

    For one, they LOVE it. Secondly, I started noticing Bella actually EATING (normal chewing). She didn’t look like she was struggling to chew. Bella & Lugosi have been on it now for about five months and they both look amazing. I haven’t seen Bella struggle to chew her food, basically since she started on the Chlorella.

    Bella & Lugosi are flourishing. I can only think that Chlorella must have had something to do with it. I’m keeping it in their diets. In total, each kitty gets two tablets a day (sometimes more, especially if they dip into the other cat’s bowl).

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